— Meanings, paradigms, notions, uses, and interpretations, – all evolve and change as the time goes by… The myth that the history and learning can store and pass on all the information to next times is indeed outdated and well-debunked. Documenting and passing on is destined to be perceived differently by the generations that follow… All is changing and either transforming and taking the form of a new meaning or it ends up lost and unclear for the future…

Nick is sitting in a huge red sofa and watching a TV where the speaker on TED Talks is making his case.

Zack is outside, looking at Nick from outside of the window, standing, leaning on the wall of the veranda.

A young man is demonstrating to a military commander the functionality of the drone surveillance system. He pinches to zoom at random spot on the map revealing a house with a moderate-sized garden surrounding it. There’s a man, leaning on the wall of the veranda, looking what seems like into the room, inside, throw the glass.

An astronaut is checking the navigation system parameters from the space station. The screen is showing the flying objects at a specific spot of the map of the earth. 

— Calibration is in process, – message dims on the right-hand side of the screen.

A rover is folding its solar panel and starts to adjust the camera on a red surface. The camera then turns up and it catches in focus the planet earth.

A telescope is moving in the vast space with the lenses capturing the photos of the universe, – the earth, mars, mercury are seen around the sun…

A black hole is in action with the light around it… Stars, galaxies, somewhere in there far far away is the solar system.

A boy sits in a huge red sofa and watching a TV set where the black hole is shown. The Live sign is on the top right side of the screen.

The room that the boy sits in is all inside a huge red drop – a pomegranate juice.

There are many seeds where in each the boy is sitting in front of a TV set. All are red. All filled with juice.

A hand is seen, splitting the pomegranate with some of the seeds falling off the fruit into a big white bowl.

Many Nicks, Many drops. Different worlds. All red, juicy, on a surface of a big, white bowl…