— What the hell is that concept of forbidden fruit? – Zack is leaning against the wall. Another day on the coach.

— It’s shit, – the fat man is turning on the chair and looking at Zack, grinning.

— Really… Should we never do something that someone is telling us not to?

— Oh, ho, ho… – the fat man is really fat. He is huge. So huge that Zack is afraid that he can break the chair that he barely sits on. The man grins and sighs.

— Why? Why should we have the rules? What’s that prophecy of being out of Eden once the apple is tasted?.. That is so weird!.. Why?.. It’s nonsense… A saga to obedience!..

— You don’t get it, do you? – The fat man sighs again, then tries to stand up. 

It’s not so easy with so much weight. Maybe 150 or 180 kilos, maybe even 200, Zack thinks with awe, looking at the fat man’s attempts. He finally stands up. What happens next is shocking though. 

Zack jumps up.

— No, please, what are you doing? – He cries to the fat man…

— Uh… Oh… – No other answer from the man as he is taking off his clothes.

— Please… Stop!..

The fat man doesn’t stop. It takes some time. Finally, he is all naked, standing in front of Zack, looking at him.

Zack tried no to look, but he looks, he can’t stop looking at the disgusting layers of fat, skin, forms, so ugly, so shocking, so much beyond anything Zack has seen before… There, the ugly fat, naked man standing in front of him and looking directly into his eyes. And there stands Zack trying to avoid eye contact but even worse – looking at the body, and impossible to turn or move or run away…

— Watch! – the man slowly turns around, showing himself from the side, then from the back… His hands are up, to enable Zack to see everything.

Zack is standing about two meters from the man, nowhere to run. He sees everything. He sees some weird lines, ugly forms, some stains, some dirt, something he can never ever forget now he knows. Where the penis should be, the layers of fat are covering everything… Where chest should be – huge oval-shaped forms hanging… Where ass should be, he notices something dark brown at one spot between the two asymmetric huge fat forms… Is that feces?.. Zack is now doing best not to vomit.

— It’s the forbidden fruit that you wanted to taste? – the fat man is facing him again, – Want to taste me?..

— No! No! No! – Zack is crying, all red. Behind him is the balcony. He can’t run, – Stop, please! Don’t… Why are you doing this?..

— You asked about the rules… – the old man is now moving slowly to him. One more step and he raises his hands and tries to hug Zack.

— No! Please! – For a second all goes dark. Perhaps it was a blink of an eye…

The fat man has disappeared. No one is touching Zack. He is alone in the room with tears on the face. The fat man is gone, isn’t he?..

Zack is back on the coach, breathing deep. He feels something in his hand; looking at it – it’s a big green apple in his hand, – oval, with some reddish side as well.

Zack recognizes the apple. The type he used to taste in the village, when he was three or four. He remembers the wild apple trees and the fruits he loved the most… He remembers that field, those trees, that forest, walking with daddy, or grandma, or grandpa, or mum, or alone, – his childhood with so many wild apple trees in the field, just outside the village. The same type of apple in front of him now, in his hand.

But… The vision in front of him is the dark brown something at the back of the fat man. He wants to vomit as he remembers.

The apple in hand, the juicy, savory taste of childhood, – he wants to taste it again so much… He wants to focus on it, the apple only, nothing else, – forget everything else!.. Apple is good… The apple in front of him…

— I’ll eat it… I want it… – He whispers, – It’s my apple, it’s my childhood, it’s my life! I want it! I don’t care of the fat man!.. I will eat… I will forget what I saw…

But it’s impossible to break the association that is formed already, – the neuron link somewhere in the brain already linking the apple with the fat man and and his dark brown spot on the back side.

— It’s shit, – Zack is hearing the words pronounced by the fat man…

— No! No! No! Give me my apple! Give it back to me! It’s my childhood, it’s my favorite, it’s what I loved the most!..

There he sits, Zack with an apple in his hand, – looking at it with eyes full of both fear and desire…

— I choose apple – Zack closes eyes and bites off, – It’s my childhood, it’s my desires, It’s what I love…

The taste of childhood… Will he feel it?..