Write Me

Materials to Read

1. How to Learn to Write

  • Read more to write better. And read the material relevant to what you may need to write. Read business news, reports, research, analysis. Read to write!
  • Expectations of the reader is the most important factor to keep in mind when writing.
  • Stay open to criticism, – from your instructor, a friend, a colleague, competition, – while being criticized, you learn!
  • Critical thinking is to be used always, – always ask if it makes sense, if there are better ways, if there are alternatives.   
  • Think, then write. Narrow your topic. Focus on Key points. Give credit to your sources

2. Planning Checklist for Business Messages

  1. Determine your general purpose
  2. Determine your specific purpose – outcome
  3. Make sure your purpose is realistic
  4. Makes sure timing is appropriate
  5. Make sure your sources are credible
  6. Make sure it reflects positively on business
  7. Determine audience size
  8. Determine audience composition
  9. Determine audience knowledge and awareness
  10. Anticipate probable responses
  11. Select the correct channel
  12. Make sure the information is accurate and ethical.

3. Basic Components of any Communication

Sample Case Assignment

Dear Teams, 

Congratulations on the successful start! 

At this stage, you will need to prepare a presentation (PowerPoint or any other slide-platform). There should be the following elements to the presentation

  • One slide per each team member summarizing the Key Business Objectives (KBOs) for each team member. So each team member should have 1 slide with 3 KBOs for him/her. Best way to do this is to allocate roles to each student in the team and this way one could be in charge of marketing, another for operations, third for development; and so on – you choose any areas, depending on your specific business.  
  • Each team will have no more than 10 minutes, so please do allocate the time equally for all the members to speak about his/her KBOs. As each member will only have 3 KBOs – total time per one speaker in the team should not be more than 1 minute.
  • Each slide should have STUDENT NAME in charge of that slide – so no need for overall team member names upfront – just ensure each slide prepared is having name/surname of the student.
  • Each slide on KBOs will be evaluated based on clarity, measurability and specific nature of objectives measured. Those KBOs should be something you and your employer would agree on evaluate your performance for the given period.
  • While thinking of KBOs, keep in mind:
    • Business targets which will be under your responsibility in the company
    • The challenges that will be specific to the business you are in
    • Verification of your appropriateness and readiness to tackle the challenges and achieve targets.
    • Think of Logos, Ethos, Pathos components and make sure your communication is brief but well structured and in accordance with the discussion we had in class when we discussed this issues.

P.S. This is the time when student slides will be evaluated individually – so each slide should have a name of student as mentioned above and the grading will based on how well the student performed the assignment – this is the time when team evaluation will not matter and it’s all your slide with your 3 KBOs for this year in the hypothetical company that matters.

Good Luck!