1. Visual Aids

  • Keep visual aids simple. 
  • Use one key idea per slide. 
  • Avoid clutter, noise, and overwhelming slides. 
  • Use large, bold fonts that the audience can read from at least twenty feet from the screen. 
  • Use contrasting colours to create a dynamic effect. 
  • Use analogous colours to unify your presentation.  
  • Use clip art with permission and sparingly. 
  • Edit and proofread each slide with care and caution. 
  • Use copies of your visuals available as handouts after your presentation.  
  • Check the presentation room beforehand. 
  • With a PowerPoint presentation, or any presentation involving technology, have a backup plan, such as your visuals printed on transparencies, should unexpected  equipment or interface compatibility problems arise  

2. Identifying Points to Illustrate

Clear, Complete, Concise, Connected, Compelling 

3. The Power of Images

  • Enhance textual messages
  • Replace verbal messages 
  • Convey complex information
  • Hold people’s attention
  • Communicate with diverse audiences
  • Convey connotative meaning

4. Understanding Key Rules for Charts

Task to Prepare 

The time has come to think of and prepare a Business Banner. For this assignment, students are working individually but the banners are to be still based on the business idea of the team.

The key requirement is simple – it is to be presented to the audience in class on screen – 1 page.

The members of the teams will then be asked questions why the specific visual was used and how the student came up with the specific banner idea. Don’t forget that we are talking about a type of the banner that we usually see alongside highways or busy streets – these are usually big large installations but we should not forget that the audience for such banners usually has very limited attention span of few seconds max – the time it takes to drive buy, etc. So make sure the visual is appealing and the message that you wanted to convey is simple, brief, and clear.

  • Use photo or photos
  • Think and put Logo on it (if you have one)
  • Think of your slogan
  • Think of what is the key message delivered by the banner
  • Make it a business banner that everyone will remember!

IMPORTANT: Each student Banner is to have its own key message – please make sure the messages are different for each team member – it is NOT allowed to have the same key message unless the banner style/format/design is really different. Changing the picture and having the same key sentence will not be counted as separate banners and such similar works will NOT be evaluated. So please ensure you think individually and also compare with the banners that your team mates are thinking of – to ensure your idea and your banner stand out as unique and not similar to the other students in your team.

Think of yourself as pitching some great new idea banners to the board of your company. Make it stand out and make it unique and interesting.

EXTRA TASK: this is not a requirement (not affecting grading) but those of you who are interested in charts/bars/graphs – are encouraged to prepare one simple chart of any type/data and present during lecture. Make sure you consider the points discussed during the lecture.

Best of Luck!