Idea Presentations

Materials to Read

There is no reading required for this module.

Task Requirements

Teams are provided with the following hypothetical scenario:

This is to inform you about Joe Stern – a well known businessman and an investor to frontier markets like Georgia – spent a week in Tbilisi and among other meetings and in pursuit of some investment opportunities is now considering listening for business ideas from YOU. 

His idea is to invest around US$30,000 per several projects run by students, – without any preference to particular industry, as he is still unsure as to which industries he will prefer in the future. Being a generous angel investor and after few nights of Georgian cuisine and wine tastings he is eager to risk these “smaller” amounts to understand the country better and invest in various businesses of students’ choice.

You are required to prepare an Idea Presentation, – a brief presentation of several slides (up to 5 slides maximum) explaining the business idea to the investor and requesting financing. Each team member is participate in presenting the idea and to speak about 1-2 minutes or answer the questions from the instructor, who will be acting as the investor, as per the hypothetical case.

As you will be preparing for the tasks, do not worry much about the details at this stage. You will have the chance to refine those later via some other tasks. But please do make it clear and format adequately as that indeed is important – do your best with whatever knowledge and experience you already have. Work as a team, discuss various ideas and agree on the one that all team members agree. You will need to compromise and make sure agreement is reached and business idea is selected. That is the first challenge before starting to work on the slides.

Choose any platform or template that you wish. Create slides that clearly explain your purpose. You can add visuals as required too. Please make sure the presentations are ready before the deadline and make sure that one of the team members is sending the file to the instructor as per the instructions and before the deadline. During the next class, we will be going through the team presentations and other teams will be asked to comment and provide feedback & questions to the presenting team.

Since this is the first task of the course, teams or individuals will not be evaluated for the quality, content, etc. However, in case any team fails to provide the presentation before the deadline, or if no team member is present during presenting in class, then the weekly instructor evaluation will reflect that.

And… Yes. This is a fiction, a case study only, but something like this may happen in reality too… Let’s see how we can handle it!