Communicate, Negotiate, Present

Course Description

Communicate, Negotiate and Present Course introduces students to various techniques of efficient communication, presentation-making and negotiation that are used in the real world. Students will practice these skills in a variety of situations, from short impromptu talks to longer cases and situations where negotiation is important. In addition, the course will broaden your knowledge and the inherent ingredients of human communication in general as they apply to a global world.

Method of Assesment / Evaluation

During the Course: Presentation Tasks – 30%

Midterm Exam: Interim Presentation – 30%

Final Exam: Final Presentation – 40% (30% Instructor assesment & 10% Peer feedback)

Textbook & Readings

The materials provided by the lecturer together with the relevant weekly tasks. Each task will have specific reading materials attached to it. This course is focused on the approach to learn by doing, so it is important to follow and work on the weekly tasks and receive the instructor and peer feedback after presenting the work so as to ensure best practices and approaches are considered and the feedback is reflected on.

Student Teams

Weekly task throughout the course will be allocated to student teams where students are allocated randomly so as to ensure both the diversity, as well as real business settings. Students are encouraged and guided to work in teams and develop team working skills.

There will be a total of 10 such tasks throughout the course (so, – almost every week) where students may earn up to 3 points maximum for each task. The 3 points include both individual (max 2 point) as well as overall team performance evaluation component (max 1 point). There will be some tasks where team members are to choose a dedicated speaker or presented, in which case each team member’s evaluation will depend on the chose speaker performance. In other instances, where each team member is to speak or is to answer questions the instructor will evaluate individual contribution component.

Student team random allocations will be provided by the lecturer after the first introductory lecture

Contact Details & Welcome Message from the Instructor – Zurab Maisuradze

I spent over 15 years working on senior positions in banking industry, over 6 years – delivering lectures in finance and accounting for business school students and over 3 years – training the employees of leading companies in Georgia in Sales & Relationship management, Strategic Management, Time Management, Advanced Negotiation, Idea Presentation, Management & Organizational Behavior and Business Communication. Having worked in many countries of Europe and Middle East, having witnessed the need for talent and familiarizing myself with the challenges in identifying and pursuing the paths for long-term success, I decided to contribute my 2 cents to guiding you in the areas of communication, decision making, sales and relationship management; the areas where I had my skin in the game to be able to grow, to learn, to develop and to be successful. I am currently running my own trainings and advisory, Freedom Studio LLC, preparing trainings and courses and delivering lectures, as well as advising and consulting foreign investors to Georgia with whom I’ve worked for during the past decade.

This indeed is a brand new course. It incorporates and emphasizes what is needed in the contemporary business. It is designed so that you can reflect on the concepts introduced to you immediately. It has a lot of supplementary materials, including video links, so that you can easily familiarize yourself with the ideas of leading experts of the industry. And it indeed aims promoting efficient communication and teamwork.

My goal is not only to share what I’ve witnessed, experienced and learned but rather to discuss and explore the concepts together with you – my goal is to have YOU confident along your path to the success.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Yours truly,

Zurab Maisuradze

Founder/Director – Freedom Studio LLC

Email: [email protected]