About Us

Freedom Studio is a project by Zurab Maisuradze aiming to share practical knowledge on various areas of expertise of the author.

You can learn more details about Zurab Maisuradze here. Zurab has held various roles as Communication Expert | Customer Experience Strategist | Investment Manager | Management Consultant | Negotiations & Mediation Expert | Lecturer | Trainer.

Freedom Studio is a platform used to facilitate learning for both students as well as training participants in the following areas:

  • Business Communication
  • Modern Communication Standards in Healthcare
  • Advanced Negotiation & Mediation
  • Management & Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Sales & Relationship Management

We solely depend on your generosity when running this website. Our Patreon page is here for your kind contributions that are very much appreciated for our goal to make the best education practices accessible free of charge for all the inquisitive minds out there.

These and other topics, some personal thoughts, ideas, stories, – all are excellent practical add-ons for those attending lectures or participating in trainings conducted by Zurab.

We aspire to be practical, modern and results oriented and we proudly consider ourselves positioned as premium educational services provider with best recommendations from both leading corporates as well as individuals that used our services. We are very unorthodox, practical and simple – and we believe that’s the only way to create real value for the clients.

For inquiries contact Zurab at: [email protected]